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Parents who are able to work cooperatively with each other, during the divorce and after, are more likely to raise emotionally healthy children than those who engage in constant conflict.

"The one thing you can say is that when parents are communicating and getting along and putting the kids first,
the kids are more likely to thrive and do better."   PETER SALEM, Executive Director of the Association of Family and onciliation Courts a group of 2600 judges, mediators and others involved in the resolution of family conflict

About Bonnie C. Robson, M.Ed., J.D.

Attorney Robson is a graduate of the University of Rochester (B.A.); Wheelock College, Boston, MA (M.Ed.) and Northeastern University School of Law, Boston, MA (J.D.) Dual credentialing in child development and law have influenced her priorities and enhanced her legal practice.

She was admitted to the Connecticut Bar and the United States District Court in Connecticut in 1988. She is a member of the Connecticut and Hartford County Bar associations.

Since receiving her mediation training in 1992, Mediation has played an increasing part in her family
law practice. She has served as Director of the Family Law Mediation Service at the Institute of Living, where she co-mediated with a child & adolescent psychiatrist and more recently in her own practice.

She was a Charter member of the Connecticut Council of Divorce Mediators and continues on its Board
of Directors. She spearheaded the founding of the Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Lawyers network in
Hartford, CT.

She serves as a Special Master in the Hartford, New Britain and Middletown Courts; she has been called
upon to speak on the topics of Divorce Mediation and the Divorce and Children, by private schools;
national associations and the UConn School of Law.

Recognizing the need to help divorcing families reach agreement on difficult parenting and financial issues, in ways that preserve the family while dissolving the marriage, her practice has been devoted mainly to non-adversarial methods of divorce. Court intervention often serves the unintended consequence of further rupturing the vulnerable bonds between spouses and between parents and children.

“Collaborative Law and Mediation are powerful new ways for clients to keep control of the unpredictable expenses and outcomes of the divorce process while optimizing the long-term well-being of their children.”

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