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Child Centered DivorceYou never thought you’d be getting divorced . . . but it looks like you can't work out the problems of the marriage . . . so if divorce is inevitable, how can you place your children and their developmental needs first?

When I mediate or participate in collaborative divorce, agreements can incorporate:

  • Staged Parenting Plans
    that deal with the child’s
    changing needs and maturity
  • Mechanisms for Resolving Disputes
    between parents
  • Residential Arrangements
    that are tailored to your lives
    and wishes
  • Techniques to Help Your Children
    through this difficult time and in the future

Mediation or Collaborative Divorce is the choice for for you if:

  • You want your children to have a meaningful relationship with both parents
  • You want to improve your communication around parenting issues
  • You feel that parents should be able to come up with a parenting schedule tailored
    to their children’s needs without a court imposed plan
  • You want the divorce negotiations to be private and settled out of court
  • You want to work with professionals, but have input into your future parenting and financial arrangements, and
  • You want to keep control of the costs

Only a unique plan will fit each family’s unique needs.

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